Green Bicycle Farm is one of many small-scale farms operating in southern Ontario. Annie Guimond is one of the many farmers using agriculture to promote practices that encourages high biodiversity. She sells the food she grows at local markets, which means her customers get to see the face of the person who grew their food and connects consumers to where their food actually comes from - something that is rare in today's world.
Layout Design: Graham Perry, Shelby Grassick
Words: Syerra Turry​​​​​​​
This project took place over two weeks in July 2019 and was just one section of a larger physical publication and social media campaign highlighting female farmers who are using agriculture to positively affect the physical and social environment in their communities. The project, "Women in Agriculture", culminated in a public presentation and physical magazine and was supported by the Royal Ontario Museum as part of the ROM and Fleming College's Environmental Visual Communication graduate certificate program.

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