It's the early morning sun, the burn in his legs, and the pure simplicity of it all that drives Jeff Lemon to share his love of biking with others.
As the owner of the award-winning Cycling Elements bike shop, Jeff's passion for the bicycle is contagious. The shop itself has evolved over its 10 years in downtown Orangeville and serves to help locals discover the countless opportunities for riding in the region. The twisting singletrack and open gravel roads are endless.
Jeff and Cycling Elements are true staples of the local cycling community.
The local ride.
The local ride.
After a long pandemic that saw an unprecedented number of people discover biking, Jeff wanted to create something that helped people feel welcome in their new-found community. 
"Welcome to Riding" introduces novice riders to Cycling Elements while celebrating how far the Orangeville bike community has come over the last decade. 
To make sure these riders felt fully supported, we created a series of "How-to" videos to address common problems that many new bike owners encounter.  
Instead of referring generic videos from other companies, Jeff wanted to make sure his community could get the help they needed from a familiar face.
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